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Why you should get out of your own way and just try it already

Eat Like a French Girl

I did! Yay, me. I finally took a giant step and gave my first public workshop for “Eat Like a French Girl.” Contrary to popular opinion, I’m a closet shy girl. I know—I look fearless on the outside, but inside I am as scared as the little bug-eyed girl sitting in the back of the room  who never raises her hand, and freezes up when asked if she has any questions—even though she has a boatload of them. “Me? Questions? […]

Kitchen frustration and mushroom carpaccio

Living in Miami sometimes is like living in a third world country. It has nothing to do with the language, or the fact that my Spanish is a bit rusty. The shops on Lincoln Road in South Beach are very modern – there’s a Nespresso and a Pottery Barn, two Starbucks, a pole dancing studio and two salsa studios. It’s more the attitude. In India it was easily detectable in the head waggle. You kind of knew that whatever it was you were requesting may or […]

A cooler and wiser iced tea

Tea and coffee are easy ways to engage and embrace a foreign culture. I’ve always found that when invited for one or the other, I’m able to snatch a vivid glimpse into what’s more than just a caffeine fix. For example, in India, being offered a short cup of sweet-spicy-milky tea in the late afternoon, with the sun belting down and the temperature well over 90, made me begin to understand how spices and hot drinks can be medicinal and […]

Grilled cheese, sort of.

I admit it. I am an enabler.  Entertaining gives me enormous joy, and cooking for large groups of loved ones gives me immense pleasure. Or even small groups, or even for just one. Cooking is a moving meditation for me – a temporal art I can loose myself in. It’s much the same feeling I get from my yoga practice. Recipe re-creation takes the thrill up to an entirely new level. It’s the challenge of taking one’s favorite recipe and […]

Soul-searching and Broccoli Soup

There is a trend surfacing among those near and dear to me. Midlife crisis. I can’t imagine that we are old enough to be in mid-life yet, but I guess we are?  I prefer to think of it as more of a transitional phase – a soul-searching phase. My friends are quitting their high-paying jobs, thinking about sabbaticals or parting from long-term relationships. This is very peculiar for me since I have been somewhat stable for the past few years […]

Parisian Market with Lora Krulak (Video)

My Mothers Version of a Bake Sale

It’s normal for kids to be embarrassed by their mothers. I see the same look as I used to have in the eyes of my friends’ kids and I know that they are the most fabulous hot-to-trot mothers around. They are my fiends after all!  Of course, I was mortified and often embarrassed by my mother. Despite her statuesque beauty, magnetic personality and constant, current striking sense of style (on her size 4, 5’10” body). She was the original yummy […]

Unintentional Shoplifting

Sweet peas ready to blend...

Like most creative types, I can be a bit absent minded from time to time. Before I fly, I’ll normally make a trip to Whole Foods or any local healthy food shop for airplane snacks. In a recent “auto-pilot-daze” I walked into Whole Foods on Columbus Circle, basket over my arm, in the same manner as I carry my handbag. I selected my usual veggies, water, hummus and most likely was chatting on the phone at the same time. If […]

At Home Cold Remedies (Video)

Edamame Succotash and a bat mitzvah ‘shrink down’

My cousin Dana and I were close growing up – two suburban girls doing normal suburban things – but couldn’t have lived more different lives. Now she’s a yummy mummy with 3 gorgeous kids, a handsome banker husband and a ski house up north. Me, well… I am me and have done my life. When Dana called to say she wanted to look her best for her oldest daughter’s Bat Mitzvah and perhaps shrink down a bit, and could I […]