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Soul-searching and Broccoli Soup

There is a trend surfacing among those near and dear to me. Midlife crisis. I can’t imagine that we are old enough to be in mid-life yet, but I guess we are?  I prefer to think of it as more of a transitional phase – a soul-searching phase. My friends are quitting their high-paying jobs, thinking about sabbaticals or parting from long-term relationships. This is very peculiar for me since I have been somewhat stable for the past few years […]

Parisian Market with Lora Krulak (Video)

My Mothers Version of a Bake Sale

It’s normal for kids to be embarrassed by their mothers. I see the same look as I used to have in the eyes of my friends’ kids and I know that they are the most fabulous hot-to-trot mothers around. They are my fiends after all!  Of course, I was mortified and often embarrassed by my mother. Despite her statuesque beauty, magnetic personality and constant, current striking sense of style (on her size 4, 5’10” body). She was the original yummy […]

Unintentional Shoplifting

Sweet peas ready to blend...

Like most creative types, I can be a bit absent minded from time to time. Before I fly, I’ll normally make a trip to Whole Foods or any local healthy food shop for airplane snacks. In a recent “auto-pilot-daze” I walked into Whole Foods on Columbus Circle, basket over my arm, in the same manner as I carry my handbag. I selected my usual veggies, water, hummus and most likely was chatting on the phone at the same time. If […]

At Home Cold Remedies (Video)

Edamame Succotash and a bat mitzvah ‘shrink down’

My cousin Dana and I were close growing up – two suburban girls doing normal suburban things – but couldn’t have lived more different lives. Now she’s a yummy mummy with 3 gorgeous kids, a handsome banker husband and a ski house up north. Me, well… I am me and have done my life. When Dana called to say she wanted to look her best for her oldest daughter’s Bat Mitzvah and perhaps shrink down a bit, and could I […]

Hydration & Thirst (Video)

Gluten Free Banana Muffins

It’s taken 2 years, 3 continents, 6 hotels, 5 apartments, countless transcontinental flights, something about a wedding, something about a TV show, 1 visa, 1 red list, several lawyers enormous amounts of luck, love, the best friends, lots of family,  and a very good sense of humor, to find myself in the place I am now. I never thought I’d live in Miami but I’m here and it feels right so I’m going with it. I’ve lived in stranger places […]

Mid-Winter Tanning

I met my friend Frances for tea the other day. Frances is an accomplished author and media expert, works hard, practices a lot of yoga, is a lacto-vegetarian, eats pretty well… and did I mention how zealous she is about work?  The first thing she said to me was, “You’re so tan and look so healthy. Look at me – I’m translucent!” Spending the better part of the winter in Miami has made me forget how pasty pale one can […]

Spicy Chocolate Fondant and a Cyber-crush

My friend  has a cyber-crush. This must be a common occurrence these days, with Facebook, Twitter and all the social networking we do. It’s so easy to develop a relationship with someone you’ve never met, or perhaps not even spoken to. One afternoon she and I were chatting about food, recipes and recipe re-creating, as we often do, and she was telling me about her crush. Then she posed an interesting question: If you sort of know someone, but don’t […]